BGI Genomics’ IPO Raises US$250 Million

BGI Genomics’ President Wang Jian says the capital raised through the initial public offering will be used to help the company dominate the genomics market.

QIMR Berghofer, BGI To Collaborate On Genomics Research

Both institutes have signed an agreement that will promote collaboration on a genomics-based research and education program.

BGI Establishes Asia-Pacific HQ In Queensland, Australia

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute will serve as BGI's R&D and commercialization headquarters in the region.

Meet China’s First Biotech Unicorn

Why did Wang Jun, CEO of one of the world’s largest DNA sequencing companies, leave to join an artificial intelligence startup? Simple: to start something even more ambitious.

Diagnosis Without Doctors: Could PCs Replace GPs?

Computers may not have much by way of bedside manner, but they can carry out tasks human doctors can’t, processing gigabytes of data for a more personalized diagnosis.

BGI, Clearbridge BioMedics To Collaborate On Liquid Biopsy Technology

The technology requires only a simple blood draw for 'omics analysis or genetic profiling at the single cell level.

BGI Announces Clinical Results Of Prenatal Test

BGI's non-invasive prenatal test (NIFTY®) has shown to be highly sensitive and specific in a trial involving close to 150,000 pregnancies.