ADB Secures US$12 Billion To Help Asia’s Poorest

The Asian Development Bank has secured US$12.4 billion for the next four years to fight poverty in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Asia Foundation Distributes 7,500 Books To Girls In Bangladesh

The Asia Foundation’s Books for Asia program in Bangladesh celebrated International Women’s Day by distributing 7,500 books to 75 girls’ schools and colleges across the country.

Why Arsenic Makes Some People Sicker Than Others: A Bangladesh Case Study

A large-scale genomic study conducted in Bangladesh has discovered genetic variants that elevate the risk for skin lesions in people chronically exposed to arsenic.

First Vaccine Against Fatal Visceral Leishmaniasis Enters Phase I Trial

As the disease expands its global reach, the Infectious Disease Research Institute teams up with India and the Gates Foundation to target the most deadly form of leishmaniasis.

Aging Asia Faces Issues Of Isolation And Poverty, Experts Warn

With 60 percent of the world’s population, Asia has one of the largest concentrations globally of aging persons, creating a host of potential challenges, experts warn.

The Asia Foundation And OOCL To Distribute 400,000 Books Across Asia

The Asia Foundation will partner with logistics company Orient Overseas Container Line to distribute an estimated 402,000 books across Asia.

Coalition Aims To Eradicate 10 Neglected Tropical Diseases By 2020

A large coalition of pharmas, governments, and NGOs have announced their goal of eliminating or controlling 10 neglected tropical diseases by 2020.

UNICEF Launches Schools For Asia To Improve Education For Millions

UNICEF reports on a new fundraising initiative called Schools for Asia, to transform children’s lives through education.

Neglected Tropical Diseases Continue To Plague South Asia Despite Economic Growth

A new report showcases the disproportionately high burden of neglected tropical diseases in India and South Asia that continue to plague the 1.5 billion people living in the region.