Autism’s Epigenetic Signature Uncovered

The stability of autism’s epigenetic signature suggests that the condition could be treated with drugs that modify the epigenome.

Solving The Autism Puzzle Through Postsynaptic Density

Irregularities to the protein-rich compartments in neurons may contribute to various brain disorders like autism and seizure, scientists say.

Premature Babies Are Just Not That Into You

Preterm infants are less interested in people than full-term infants, suggesting atypical social development and a possible link to autism.

Gene Linked To Autism Found

Researchers have identified that the PX-RICS gene is responsible for autism found in more than half of patients with Jacobsen syndrome.

World’s Largest Autism Dataset Now Online

The world's largest collection of autism-related genomic data is now accessible in the cloud, thanks to a partnership between Simons Foundation and WuXi NextCODE.

Monkeys Genetically Modified To Show Autism-Like Behavior

A monkey model of autism which more closely mimics the condition in humans could help researchers understand what causes the disease.

Help For Parents Of Autistic Children In India and Pakistan

A program for parents and non-specialist health workers could help autistic children in the developing world.

Maintaining The Balance Between Excitation and Inhibition

Researchers have found that the same neurotransmitter can cause either neuronal excitation or inhibition, depending on which receptor it binds to.

IRBIT Linked To Balanced Social Behaviors In Mice

A study in mice has linked the lack of a protein that regulates the levels of dopamine in the brain to abnormal social interactions in mice.