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Soybeans Were Domesticated 5,500 Years Ago, Archaeologists Say

University of Oregon researchers have dated the domestication of the soybean to 5,500 years ago, around the time villages were established in northern China.

Researchers Develop Rice Packed With Iron & Zinc

Scientists have produced rice with up to four times more iron and twice as much zinc compared to conventional rice.

The Australian Wallaby & Platypus Take On Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

The wallaby and platypus may contain an untapped source of antimicrobial peptides that may be key to fighting antibiotic-resistant superbugs, says a team of Australian researchers.

Scientists Introduce “Trojan Horse” Bacteria Into Aedes Mosquito

The spread of dengue fever in northern Australia may be controlled by introducing a bacterium into the Aedes mosquito population, researchers say.

Scientists Decipher Genomic Sequence of Australia’s Iconic Kangaroo

The publication of the first kangaroo genome sequence is a cause to cheer in Australia, where it is a national icon, appearing on the country's coat of arms, currency, and national airline symbol.

Key Molecule To Attack Tumor-Feeding Blood Vessels

Scientists at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute have discovered a key molecule needed to kill the blood vessels that supply tumors.

Sunflower Seeds Have Potential Anti-Cancer Proteins

University of Queensland scientists have found sunflower proteins and their processing machinery could be used as cheap drug reactors.