Scientists Discover New Drug Target For Aggressive Breast Cancer

Scientists have identified a gene that could be crucial in determining the clinical outcome of a highly aggressive form of breast cancer.

Why I Want To Be A Clinician Scientist

Ivan Seah, a first-year Singaporean medical student, writes about why he wants to become a clinician scientist someday.

Hair Follicle Model To Accelerate New Treatments For Baldness

Researchers in Singapore have developed a new 3D hair follicle model that may help in the discovery of new drugs for hair regeneration.

New Class Of White Blood Cells Discovered

Scientists have discovered a new class of white blood cells that play a key role in defense against harmful fungal and bacterial infections.

Japan-Singapore Research Collaboration To Tackle Eye Diseases

A Japan-Singapore research collaboration will develop technologies that can better detect major eye disorders and diseases.

Collaboration To Develop Smartphones With Pico-Projectors

Singapore's Institute of Microelectronics and Taiwan's OPUS Microsystems will jointly develop micromirror technology for use in smartphones.

A*STAR To Commercialize Technologies On Marblar Crowdsourcing Platform

A*STAR's technology transfer unit has partnered with the online crowdsourcing platform, Marblar, to commercialize its most promising technologies.

Asian Scientist Founder Wins Singapore Youth Award 2013

Dr. Juliana Chan, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Asian Scientist Magazine, was yesterday conferred the nation’s highest accolade for youth, the Singapore Youth Award.

Pfizer, GSK, Siemens & A*STAR Form R&D Consortium

Pfizer, Glaxo Wellcome, and Siemens have signed on to a new program that aims to help companies increase productivity in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.