asian scientist writing prize 2017

Asian Scientist Team Wins Six Prizes At The 2017 MPAS Awards

Asian Scientist Magazine, Supercomputing Asia and the Asian Scientist Writing Prize all received top honors at the 2017 MPAS Awards.

Getting Inside The Mind Of Jorge Cham (VIDEO)

What goes on inside the mind of a cartoonist with a PhD? Here’s your chance to find out.

The Inspired Art Of Communicating Science (VIDEO)

The creator of PHD Comics, Dr. Jorge Cham, was in Singapore to meet fans and share tips on science communications.

Grains Of Hope

Rice farmers are struggling to meet Asia’s demand for the staple crop; a genetically modified strain developed in Singapore could provide a solution.

Artificial Empathy: The Next Frontier

Artificial Intelligence is getting pretty smart—but could it ever truly understand how we really feel?

OCD: The Killing Joke

The media may portray obsessive compulsive disorder as cute and quirky, but in truth it can be a debilitating condition.

Blue Noise

The effects of noise pollution in the ocean may not be immediately obvious but they could nonetheless be profound.

The Red Tides Of Death: A Deadly Tale Of Harmful Algal Blooms

As beautiful as they may be, dinoflagellates and diatoms can sometimes wreak havoc.

Illuminating The Deep, Dark World Of Subterranean Ants

Hidden in plain sight just beneath our feet is the fascinating world of subterranean ants.

Winners Of The Asian Scientist Writing Prize 2017 Announced

A total of 26 winners received their prizes at the Asian Scientist Writing Prize 2017 held at the Science Centre Singapore.