Tiffany Chua Copok


Tiffany Chua Copok graduated with a MA, BA (Hons) in natural sciences from Cambridge University, UK. Tiffany has worked as a research scientist at the non-profit International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines. She has a lifelong passion for plant sciences.

Stories by Tiffany Chua Copok

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Mahar Lagmay

This month, we turn the spotlight on Professor Mahar Lagmay, a disaster mitigation expert from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Earliest Animal With Skeleton Discovered In Australia

The oldest animal with a skeleton has been discovered in South Australia by a team of paleontologists.

The Asian Scientist: Chancellor Caesar Saloma, University Of The Philippines Diliman

Asian Scientist Magazine talks to the chancellor of the number one ranked university in the Philippines on science education in the UP system, his goals for 2012, and his lifelong passion: photonics research.

Rice Institute Identifies Genes That Make Rice Chalky

Researchers have identified genetic regions responsible for chalkiness in rice, a discovery that could lead to higher quality, chalk-free rice varieties.

Japanese Land Snails Get A Free Ride… Through A Bird’s Gut?

Researchers from Tohoku University have discovered that tiny land snails have the ability to survive a trip through a bird’s gut and come out alive in the droppings.

The Asian Scientist Spotlight: Dr. Leopold Ilag Of Stockholm University

Dr. Leopold Ilag, Director of the Stockholm University Proteomics Facility, discusses his research and his views on R&D in the Philippines.

New Guinea Photo Gallery: 1,000 New Species Discovered

We take a glimpse into the bold and beautiful New Guinea, where 6-8 percent of the Earth's species roam freely.

Happy Feet Lost In New Zealand, Critically Ill From Eating Sand

An emperor penguin nicknamed 'Happy Feet' was found on Peka Peka Beach in New Zealand, 4,000 miles away from the Antarctic.

Seven New Forest Mice Species Found In Luzon, Philippines

A team of Filipino and American biologists recently found seven new species of forest mice endemic to the island of Luzon in the Philippines.