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Tiangong Falls Out Of The Sky, China Must Ask Itself Why

Could the prospect of burning debris from Tiangong-1 raining down on Earth herald a new area of cooperation between space agencies?

Turtle Hatchlings Lend Each Other A Flipper To Save Energy

A study has shown that turtle hatchlings lend each other a flipper digging out of the sand to save energy.

What Is The Secret To Being Good At Math?

Rote learning and a competitive environment may be the necessary ingredients for nurturing math experts.

Publish Or Perish Culture Encourages Scientists To Cut Corners

Sadly, the intense pressure of academic research drives some scientists to breach ethical codes. What can be done about it?

The World’s Most Powerful Laser Is 2,000 Trillion Watts – But What’s It For?

Scientists are harnessing the tremendous power of LFEX for outer space simulation experiments, clean energy production and medical applications.

70 Years After Independence, What’s Next For Indonesian Science?

A new book looks at the questions that Indonesian scientists hope to answer by the time their country celebrates its centennial in 30 years.

The Unexpected Rewards Of Engaging The Public With Science

Sure, media exposure means some misunderstanding and trolls, but it also can spark a healthy interest and new ideas.

Modi’s Health Agenda Fit To Walk Not Run

One year after his election as prime minister of India, how does Modi's record on public health stand?

In The Heat: India’s Heatwave And The Future Crisis

Even as the death toll from India's heatwave continues to rise, there is more to come in the form of crop damage, writes Liz Hanna.