Tang Yew Chung


Yew Chung is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore.

Stories by Tang Yew Chung

New Biomarker For Precision Cancer Therapy Identified

A team of scientists have discovered that cancer patients with high levels of the PRL-3 protein may benefit from EGFR-targeting drugs.

Better To Deal With Problems Than Avoid Them, Study

A study in New Zealand has found it is better for people who are struggling with stress to deal with the problem, rather than put it off.

Electronic Foils That Are Light As Feathers

Researchers have developed lightweight, thin, flexible and virtually unbreakable electronic foils that can conform to any desired shape.

Oil Palm Genome Study May Boost Oil Yield

A team of researchers has analyzed the oil palm genome, revealing insights that may help improve the use of this oil plant species.

Self-Perpetuating Signal Drives Migration Of Cells

Researchers have uncovered new details about the biological network that instructs cells to propel themselves in a particular direction.

Visualize Caffeine Using ‘Traffic Light’ Detector

Researchers have developed a fluorescent caffeine sensor that lights up like a traffic light when it detects caffeine.

Genomic Analysis Reveals High Altitude Adaptations In A Mongolian Population

Researchers have identified genes linked to high altitude adaptations in a nomadic Mongolian population called the Deedu.

Physicists Decipher Butterfly Wings’ Color-Changing Effect

Researchers have uncovered how subtle differences in the tiny crystals on butterfly wings create stunningly varied patterns of color.

Rice Husks Recycled For Use In High-Capacity Lithium Batteries

Korean researchers have demonstrated that rice husks can be recycled to produce nano-porous silicon for use in high-capacity lithium batteries.