Sophia Li


Hsin-Jung Sophia Li is a Ph.D. student at Princeton University. She received a S.B. degree with double majors in Chemical Engineering and Biology from MIT. She is a first dan black belt in Taekwondo and loves traveling around the world. Her research interests are systems biology and molecular cell biology.

Stories by Sophia Li

Korean Scientists Use Dogs’ Sensitive Sniffer To Detect Rotting Food

South Korean scientists have developed a biomimetic detector based on receptors in the canine olfactory system to detect whether food is going bad.

A*STAR Researchers Discover How Polyamines Control Stem Cell Renewal

A*STAR scientists have discovered a link between a family of organic compounds called polyamines and embryonic stem cell regulation.

Academia Sinica’s Chao-Han Liu Elected To US National Academy of Engineering

Academia Sinica's Dr. Chao-Han Liu has been elected to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering for his contributions to ionospheric research and atmospheric remote sensing.

Scientists Find New Long-Term Memory Center In Fly Brains

A research team from the National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan is challenging conventional notions of where long-term memory is formed in the brain.

Scientists Create Map For Doomsday Pathway In Cells

In the latest issue of the journal Cell, Chinese researchers unravel important steps of the necrosis pathway previously unknown to researchers.

A Cup Of Tea A Day, Keeps High Blood Pressure Away

A cup of tea everyday may reduce your blood pressure and lower the risk of getting heart disease, experts say.

Study: Chinese Herb Dihydromyricetin Stops Hangovers, Alcohol Dependency In Rats

UCLA researchers have shown that an ancient Chinese herbal drug stops hangovers and reduces alcohol dependency in rats.

Australia, New Zealand Are World’s Largest Users Of Cannabis & Amphetamines

Australia and New Zealand have the highest rates of cannabis and amphetamine use in the world, according to comprehensive research on illicit drug use.

Scientists Induce Pluripotent Stem Cells From Pompe Disease Patients

Taiwanese researchers have successfully induced the world’s first pluripotent stem cells from the skin cells of Pompe disease patients.