At SGInnovate, we believe that Singapore has all the resources and capabilities needed to tackle ‘hard problems' that matter to people around the world. As a part of the robust startup ecosystem here, our mission is to enable ambitious and capable individuals and teams to imagine, start, build, and scale globally-relevant technologies. With the support of our partners, SGInnovate’s priority is to work with deeply-technical founders that have research-originated IP at the core of their company. We back these entrepreneurs through equity-based investments, access to talent, and support in building customer traction. With a focus on important areas including Healthcare, Resources, and Transportation, we are prioritising our efforts around Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Blockchain. These technologies represent impactful and scalable answers to global challenges. SGInnovate is a private-limited company wholly owned by the Singapore Government. For further information, please visit

Stories by SGInnovate

Sense And Sustainability

Cheap, easy-to-install sensors, improved wireless networking technologies and powerful big data analytics are helping businesses cut costs and go green at the same time.

Electrifying The Wastewater Sector

Hydroleap’s electrocoagulation technology is helping a diverse range of industries deal with their wastewater in a more eco-friendly manner.

Hitting The Master SWITCH For Innovation

At #SWITCHSG17, innovators, entrepreneurs and many more gathered to reimagine the future—and to work on using technology to get us there.

Protecting The Mobile Ecosystem

As technology evolves, so too do the threats against it; mobile devices and the Internet of Things are now prime targets for cyber-attacks. How are security solutions keeping pace?

From Dwellings To Digital Assets

Singapore-based startup REIDAO’s novel use of blockchain technology is poised to level the playing field in real estate investment.

From New Kid On The Block To Blockbuster Tech

Singapore-based startups are using blockchain technology to keep track of everything from dollars to diplomas and deliveries.

Tech For The Social Good

Technology gave us 140 characters, but can it also help companies deliver social impact? Panellists question the floor at SGInnovate’s first Women in Tech Evening.

Keeping A Finger On The Pulse Of Healthcare

Low-cost hardware, combined with wireless technology and state-of-the-art cloud apps, will transform the business of healthcare, says Renew Group CEO Ravinder Sajwan.

Riding AI’s Ripple Effect

Artificial intelligence technologies are already making a profound impact on businesses and individuals. Panelists at an event organized by SGInnovate discuss what’s in store for the future.