Saugat Bolakhe


Saugat Bolakhe is a freelance science journalist based in Nepal. He writes about life science and the environment. When he is not reporting, he can be found hiking outdoors or humming songs.

Stories by Saugat Bolakhe

Language Models Running Wild

Language modeling is the task of predicting text and one of the hottest trends in AI right now. But it has deep flaws, quoting racism, sexism, misinformation and more—making substantial monitoring key to developing language models.

Feathers May Have Helped Dinosaurs Beat Cold

Traditionally understood as warm-loving animals, dinosaurs lived and thrived in the arctic, suggest a study by Chinese and American researchers.

What’s Cooking? Ancient Pots Reveal The Answer

Archaeologists study ancient pots in India’s Gujarat revealing cooking system of Indus Valley Civilization in the region.

eDNA: Emerging Technology For Biodiversity Conservation

Conservation researchers in Asia are increasingly using environmental DNA technology. But it needs to be refined for better conservation efforts.