Rebecca Lim


Rebecca Lim is a Singaporean-born medical doctor practising in Melbourne, Austraia. She earned her MBBS degree from Monash University, Australia.

Stories by Rebecca Lim

Investing In Health Again

We catch up with Dr. Sania Nishtar who was recently a panelist at the 2012 Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank in Tokyo, Japan.

Earlier Hepatitis B Treatment In Young Patients May Yield Better Results

Scientists in Singapore have found that young patients with Hepatitis B are not immune tolerant as previously thought.

Australia Needs To Out-‘Smart’ Competition, Says CSIRO Chief

According to CSIRO chief executive Dr. Megan Clark, Australia's scientists need to work smarter to stay competitive in the Asian century.

Scientists Block Heroin, Morphine Addiction In Rats

A team of Australian and U.S. scientists have shown that addiction to opioids such as morphine and heroin can be blocked in rats.

‘Super’ Rice Bags That Keep Bugs At Bay

An airtight, reusable plastic bag that protects rice seeds from moisture and pests may help farmers keep their rice seeds viable for longer periods.

Thousands More Radiation-Related Deaths Expected From Fukushima, Study

Thousands of deaths could still be expected from the Fukushima nuclear fallout in the years to come, according to the first estimate of the disaster's worldwide impact.

Chicken Vaccines Combined To Form Deadly Infectious Viruses

Researchers in Australia have shown that two different viral vaccines - used simultaneously in chickens - have combined to produce new infectious viruses.

Study: Polio Vaccination Programs In Af-Pak Not Working

A new study finds that vaccines are struggling to have an impact in Afghanistan and Pakistan due to the lack of mass immunization campaigns.

Study: Developing World Has 5% Chance Of Meeting UN Child Hunger Target

Insufficient progress has been made on halving the number of children who suffer from hunger, says a new Lancet study.