Mitchell Lim


Mitchell Lim is a scientist by training and a writer by passion. After years of research and a doctorate in Chemical Engineering, he’s discovered what gets his juices flowing and gears spinning—science communication! Whether quantum physics or molecular dynamics, Mitchell strives to bridge science and society with effective and engaging SciComm.

Stories by Mitchell Lim

Closing The Gap Between HPC Tech And Education

The relationship between HPC technologies and its literacy is inextricably intertwined—each relying on the other to advance the field and unlock its full potential.

Pulling The Curtains On Climate Change

From predicting torrential rains to modeling urban climates, supercomputing provides us the necessary tools to navigate the climate crisis.

Asia’s HPC Scorecard

Emerging from the global pandemic, the vitality and dynamism of AsiaPacific’s supercomputing sector is almost palpable. From climate modeling to precision medicine, the frontiers of human knowledge are constantly being challenged—and this pursuit is not looking like it’s losing momentum any time soon.