Mary-Ruth Low


Mary-Ruth is a research assistant with the evolutionary ecology & conservation lab at the National University of Singapore, where she studies reticulated python spatial ecology.

Stories by Mary-Ruth Low

For Birds, It Takes Two To Tap Dance

Both male and female blue-capped cordon-bleus engage in a courtship dance, suggesting that sexual communication is not always a one way street.

What Is Driving The Loss Of Protected Areas?

The larger the protected area, the more likely it is to experience downgrading, downsizing and degazettement.

Worrying Trends In Rubber Expansion Across Southeast Asia

The expansion of rubber plantations in Southeast Asia is not only destroying biodiversity but is a sub-optimal use of land, scientists say.

Terminating Termites By Decapitation

Unlike most other snakes that swallow their prey whole, the blind snake tries to decapitate termites before eating them.

Conserving Indonesia’s Mangroves Could Mitigate Climate Change

Conserving the effective carbon sinks of mangroves could reduce 10-31 percent of annual land-use emissions in Indonesia, scientists say.

Dammed If You Do, Damned If You Don’t?

Giant dams like the Three Gorges Dam and Xayaburi Dam look set to radically shape the hydropower sector in Asia. But at what cost?