Marla Lise


Marla Lise has an honours degree in animal science and a masters degree in environmental science from the University of Western Australia.

Stories by Marla Lise

Scientists Say Elephants, Rhinos Are Irreplacable In Tropical Forests

A study has shown that although herbivores such as the Asian Tapir might share the same digestive system as elephants and rhinoceroses, they cannot perform similar roles as seed dispersers.

Study: Carbon Dioxide Is “Driving Fish Crazy”

Rising human carbon dioxide emissions may be affecting the brains and central nervous system of sea fishes with serious consequences for their survival, an international scientific team has found.

IRRI Releases Two New Rice Varieties In Burundi

A collaboration between the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the African country of Burundi has resulted in farmers having two new rice varieties that are set to boost rice production.

531 Endangered American Species On IUCN Red List Not Protected, Study Says

A recent study from the University of Adelaide has shown that approximately 531 American species that are endangered or threatened are not being effectively protected.

Mekong River Jeopardized By Xayaburi Dam Construction, WWF Says

The Mekong River’s future hangs in the balance as its four surrounding countries decide whether to construct a dam on it.

Soybeans Were Domesticated 5,500 Years Ago, Archaeologists Say

University of Oregon researchers have dated the domestication of the soybean to 5,500 years ago, around the time villages were established in northern China.

Scientific Sleuths Pinpoint Natural Coral Killers Using Genetic Fingerprinting

Coral researchers and reef managers will now have an easier job in identifying the specific diseases causing coral infections by a method called genetic fingerprinting.

WWF-India Initiates Study To Protect Tigers In Nandhor Valley

WWF-India has initiated a study of Nandhor Valley, with the two priority corridors of Kilpura-Khatima and Boom-Bhramdev, as a protected breeding area for endangered tigers.

WWF-Nepal Embarks On 10-Year Project To Plant A Million Trees In Lumbini

WWF-Nepal has embarked on a ten-year project to plant a million trees in the sacred gardens of Lumbini, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is recognized as the birthplace of Lord Buddha.