Lindy Quek


Lindy is a high school graduate on vacation. When she is not stirring up controversy with underrated food pairings that obviously work (think durian on bread), she could be found learning about the real world through the digital world, all while stuck with a newfound earworm for weeks on end.

Stories by Lindy Quek

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Kim Eunjoon

By studying the proteins involved in neural synapses, Professor Kim Eunjoon seeks to bridge knowledge gaps in the field of brain disorders, potentially paving the way for improved treatments.

The Future Of Science We Make (VIDEO)

Ten students from Asia will present their ingenious projects like making medical technologies affordable and using food waste as an energy source at the Google Science Fair in California, USA this year.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Liu Zheng

Associate Professor Liu Zheng is pushing the boundaries of atomically thin materials, a boon for the fields of electronics, energy generation and catalysis.