Jonathan Leong


Jonathan Leong graduated from the NUS-Imperial College Joint PhD Programme at the National University of Singapore. He is interested in all things related to friction, but particularly at the micro- or nano-scale. He is a lecturer at SIM University.

Stories by Jonathan Leong

Crack In The Earth’s Magnetic Shield Detected

A 2015 geomagnetic storm created cracks in the Earth's magnetic field, allowing cosmic rays to enter our atmosphere.

Body-Powered Batteries That Dissolve After Use

These batteries can harvest biomechanical energy from the body and then simply dissolve once no longer needed, reducing the need for surgery.

Good Vibrations Help Surfaces Stay Clean

Using numerical simulations and experiments, scientists have found that mechanical oscillations can enhance diffusion rates by ten orders of magnitude.

Slipping Through Tribology’s Past, And A Pinch Of The Future

The study of friction—tribology—is all the more important in our era of machination and automation.

Add Nickel For Cheaper Water Splitting

With the help of nickel, researchers have developed efficient molybdenum disulphide catalysts that operate at both acidic and neutral pH.

2D Stanene Successfully Grown

The successful production of stanene, an ultrathin form of tin, could lead to a better understanding of superconductivity.

Changing Elements Boosts Battery Storage Capacity

Electrochemically inactive lithium oxides can be modified into high capacity electrodes for rechargeable batteries, study says.

Making Liquids Stay Right Where You Want Them

Additives and micro-contact printing could be used to reduce friction even in microelectromechanical systems, study says.

Artificial Finger Quantifies Touch Sensations

Researchers have developed an artificial finger that can sense the fineness, roughness and slipperiness of a surface.