Christine Teo


Christine Teo is an arts student at Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Singapore. Her hobbies include writing and photography.

Stories by Christine Teo

Use Of Acupuncture By The U.S. Military To Treat Battlefield Injuries, PTSD

The United States Armed Forces is incorporating acupuncture, one of the oldest healing practices in the world, to assist in the medical care of its personnel.

Science Minister Deshmukh: India’s R&D Investment To Double By 2017

In his speech at the 99th Indian Science Congress, the minister also stressed the importance of designing good government policies to support scientific development, and of enhancing the role of women in science in India.

China, India And Myanmar Collaborate To Manage Brahmaputra-Salween Landscape

Representatives from the three countries recently gathered to design a regional program framework for biodiversity management, livelihoods development, and climate change adaptation of the Brahmaputra-Salween Landscape.

JICA To Establish Japanese-Style Engineering Education In Malaysia With US$87m Loan

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has signed a loan agreement with Malaysia to assist in the establishment of Japanese-style engineering education institutions in Malaysia.

Tai Chi Improves Balance Control Of Visually Impaired Older People, Study

Research carried out in Hong Kong on people over the age of 70 has shown that practicing Tai Chi improves the balance control of older people with visual impairment

IRRI: Insecticide Abuse In Rice Production Causes Planthopper Outbreaks

The International Rice Research Institute has called for a ban on certain insecticides in rice production as part of its new action plan to reduce planthopper damage to rice crops in Asia that costs millions of dollars.

Pregnant Mums Asked To Stay Cool To Reduce Stillbirths And Shorter Pregnancies

Researchers have found a link between an increase in temperature and the incidence of stillbirth and shorter pregnancies.

1 In 3 Vietnamese Children Are Stunted, Experts Say Lack Of Breastfeeding To Blame

A mass media campaign in Vietnam promoting exclusive breastfeeding and complementary feeding was launched today to fight the country's high rate of stunting in children.

Star Wars-Inspired Midichlorian Bacterium Offers Glimpse Into Origin Of Life

The Midichlora mitochondrii bacterium whose name was inspired by the Star Wars films has provided new clues into the evolution of our cells and how they came to possess energy-producing mitochondria.