Chandra Nugraha


Chandra is an editor working at World Scientific Publishing. He has a PhD in biomaterials engineering.

Stories by Chandra Nugraha

Charge In Two Minutes, Use 6,000 Times

Scientists have developed a nanotube-based battery that can be charged for 6,000 cycles, extending its lifetime to twenty years.

New Platform Packs A Three-In-One Punch

Photodynamic therapy, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy have been combined in a single therapeutics and diagnostics platform.

Killing Tissue-Deep Tumors With Light

Scientists have developed gold nanoparticles that can be used to kill tumors buried deep within tissue.

DNA Origami Delivers Anti-Cancer Drug

DNA origami could be used to deliver harmful anti-cancer drugs in a more targeted fashion, study shows.

100,000 Dpi Nanoprinting Achieved

Super resolution, full color printing is now be possible with a new nanoplasmonic printing method using aluminum disks that can reach 100,000 dpi.

Stretchy Hydrogels Spur Tissue Engineering

An electrically conductive hydrogel that can withstand repeated stretching and bending could lead to the development of the next generation of implantable devices.

Scientists Invent Self-Healing Supercapacitors

Wearable electronics of the future could be powered by self-healing capacitors developed at NTU, which retain up to 85 percent of their electrical performance even after being cut five times.