Anthony Tan


Anthony is a philosophy major at Nanyang Technological University and he reads Kant so that you don't have to. If he's not thinking about issues in the philosophy of science, language, or bioethics, he could be found reading, writing poetry or practicing parkour.

Stories by Anthony Tan

Rain Determines Whether Peat Is A Carbon Sink Or Source

Even undisturbed peatlands might release rather than trap carbon dioxide, depending on seasonal rainfall patterns.

Butterfly Gene Modifies Silkworm Protein Production (VIDEO)

Inserting a gene from butterflies into silkworms turns the silk produced into a material that can be used to make functional hydrogels.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Rogel Mari Sese

Under the leadership of Fillipino astrophysicist Dr. Rogel Mari Sese, the Philippines might soon have an agency that will coordinate all space-related activities at a national level.