Taking Open Innovation Online And To The World

TechInnovation 2020 gives innovators and industry giants the opportunity to collaborate, showcase and explore new technology on a global stage.

AsianScientist (Dec. 2, 2020) – Thanks to COVID-19, most of our interactions now take place in an almost fully digital world. Employees attend meetings on Zoom and students take exams online; even film festivals and art exhibitions have found ways to take place virtually. While not the same as face-to-face meetings, digital events now have the potential to reach an even wider audience in new and engaging ways.

This is precisely what TechInnovation 2020 aims to do with its first fully online event happening from 7 to 11 December. Now into its ninth year, Singapore’s leading innovation event continues to bring together top tech innovators from Singapore and beyond to facilitate collaboration within the global community—pandemic notwithstanding.

Featuring inspirational plenary speakers, dynamic Crowdsourcing and Crowdpitching segments, virtual networking opportunities and access to a technology matchmaking marketplace, this year’s conference emphasizes open innovation, sustainability, and design. With so many events to choose from, here are some TechInnovation 2020 highlights that should not be missed!

Collaboration in the time of COVID

Due to enforced lockdowns in cities around the world, many businesses are turning to digital technologies to keep thriving. Singapore-based companies are well-aware of these challenges, too, as the recent circuit breaker has forced them to find new ways to operate. Collaboration through open innovation will allow companies to lean on one another and turn this trying time into an opportunity for growth.

In a timely plenary session moderated by IPI CEO Wong Lup Wai, speakers will discuss why open innovation is even more crucial in uncertain times. Sharing their opinions on the topic are Dr David Jakubovic, Senior Director of R&D, Connect + Develop Open Innovation Asia at Procter & Gamble, Dr Michael Patane, Head of Innovation for Asia Pacific at DSM Specialty Nutrition, and David Tan, Managing Director of Par Investments Pte Ltd.

To facilitate open innovation partnerships, TechInnovation 2020 will also feature its signature Crowdsourcing sessions, with a focus on sustainability. A host of leading companies including Clariant, ENEOS Holdings Inc, Haier and Sentosa Development Corporation will engage the global innovation ecosystem to tackle various sustainability problems from the Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2020.

Companies from around the world will also be sharing their innovations with specialized digital showcases held across the five-day event. Attendees can engage with over 130 participating exhibitors that will showcase over 250 technologies. Selected companies will also pitch their unique technology-driven solutions to collaborators for commercialization under four different segments: Urban Solutions and Sustainability, Digital Economy, Health and Personal Care, and Food and Nutrition.

Sustainability by design

Making its debut at TechInnovation 2020 is Design Runway, a platform for recipients of the Good Design Research (GDR) program to pitch ideas to potential investors and partners, co-organized by the DesignSingapore Council and IPI. The segment will include presentations by GDR program recipients, showcasing their unique solutions to sustainability challenges from different sectors.

During Design Think-Tank, on the other hand, corporates like Danone will share their design challenge statements in the search for solutions and possible collaboration opportunities with industry partners.

Another key highlight on the third day of the event is the plenary on sustainability, which will feature three forward-thinking business leaders: Cristina Ventura, founder of Ventura X Ventures; Giulio Bonazzi, President and CEO of Aquafil; and Raghu Kolli, Head of Customer Centricity at LeapFrog Investments. All three speakers have successfully used design thinking to promote sustainable design of products, environments and livelihoods, and will share their insights to inspire others in the community to do the same.

Virtual 1-to-1s meetings

As the world adapts to COVID-19, so too has TechInnovation 2020. To make sure that the TechInnovation experience is not compromised, consultations with potential collaboration partners will be conducted online as well. Each participating company will be pre-matched with a potential partner from among the various TechInnovation exhibitors, tech experts, and innovation advisors from IPI. These 1-to-1 sessions are open to all businesses who looking for advice and insights on innovation best practices.

An excellent opportunity for learning and networking, TechInnovation 2020 is just around the corner. Register online for complimentary access, and be a part of the global innovation community!

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