Nature’s Editor-in-Chief On Publishing In The COVID-19 Era (VIDEO)

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AsianScientist (Apr. 22, 2020) – Since the first paper describing the genome of the virus now known as SARS-CoV-2 was published in early January, thousands more have followed suit. While making important findings accessible as quickly as possible is essential in the fight against COVID-19, ‘speed science’ is not without its challenges.

How should scientific journals—traditionally seen as gatekeepers of scientific literature—respond?

Find out on April 30, 2020, as we discuss with trailblazing editor-in-chief of top scientific journal Nature, Dr. Magdalena Skipper, on how they are dealing with the deluge of papers arriving in their inboxes on a daily basis. This session will be moderated by Dr. Rebecca Tan, editor-in-chief of Asian Scientist Magazine, an award-winning title published by Wildtype Media Group.

A geneticist by training, Skipper studied the development of C. elegans during her PhD studies at the University of Cambridge. She first joined Nature Publishing Group in 2001 as an editor of Nature Reviews Genetics, later becoming the journal’s chief editor. Before assuming her current role in 2018, Skipper was previously the editor-in-chief of Nature Communications, a multidisciplinary open-access scientific journal.

Nature, the flagship journal of Nature Publishing Group, is a weekly international journal that publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed research covering all fields of science and technology. With an impact factor of 43.070, Nature is one of the world’s most cited scientific journals.

In the second webinar of our Wildtype Media Expert Opinion series, Skipper will discuss COVID-19’s impact on scientific publishing and the crucial role played by scientific journals in tackling the coronavirus pandemic and infodemic.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

10:00 am UK Time
5:00 pm Singapore/Hong Kong Time

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