New Center To Harness Nature In Climate Change Fight

Researchers at the new research center will also help inform policies to mitigate climate change in Singapore and across the Asia Pacific region.

AsianScientist (Mar. 24, 2020) – A new center will be set up at the National University of Singapore (NUS) to tackle climate change by protecting and better managing natural ecosystems. The center is expected to be operational by the end of 2020.

Called the NUS Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions, its research activities will run the gamut from understanding the impacts of climate change on human and natural systems to leveraging technology to support climate research and actions. Researchers at the new center will also help inform climate policies, strategies and actions in Singapore and across the Asia Pacific region.

Returning from a decade overseas to helm the center is Singaporean scientist Koh Lian Pin. Koh was most recently based in Seattle, Washington as vice president of science partnerships and innovation at the environmental non-profit organization Conservation International.

As a researcher, Koh has focused on environmental issues relating to the developing tropics, a region where population growth is most rapid but the people are poorest, and where biodiversity is the richest but most threatened globally.

From April 1, 2020, Koh will assume the appointment of professor of conservation science, technology and policy in the department of biological sciences at the NUS faculty of science. He is the sixth Singaporean scientist to return to Singapore under the National Research Foundation Singapore’s Returning Singaporean Scientists scheme.

“There is now a groundswell in Singapore to invest in more sustainable models of development, especially in the context of addressing climate change. This is perhaps one of the most critical challenges we will face as a nation,” Koh said.


Source: National University of Singapore.
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