Philippine Senate Adopts Resolution Honoring Filipinos On Asian Scientist 100 List

The Senate of the Philippines has adopted a resolution that commends eight Filipino scientists who were part of the Asian Scientist 100 list (2018 edition).

AsianScientist (May 27, 2019) – The Philippine Senate has adopted a resolution commending the eight Filipino scientists who were part of the 2018 edition of Asian Scientist 100 (AS100).

Senators Leila de Lima and Bam Aquino filed the resolution separately in 2018. Aquino is the current chairperson of the Philippine Senate Committee on Science and Technology.

The adopted resolution, formerly known as Senate Resolution No. 882, recognizes the contributions of Dr. Rogel Mari Sese, Jeffrey Perez, Dr. Mario Antonio Jiz II, Dr. Philip Alviola, Dr. Nathaniel Hermosa II, Dr. Lanndon Ocampo, Dr. Lucille Abad and Dr. Aletta Conception Yñiguez to scientific research in the Philippines.

The resolution highlighted that these eight scientists and researchers have brought “honor and glory to the country through their notable contributions and admirable commitment in the field of science and technology.”

Copy of Philippine Senate Resolution No. 141, adopted on May 22, 2019 (known previously as No. 882; filed on September 6, 2018). Photo by: Dr. Rogel Mari Sese

Under Philippine law, a Senate resolution is a type of legislation that intends to express the opinion of the Senate, one of the two legislative chambers of the Philippines. The resolution also stated:

“It is but proper to provide support and give honor to our Filipino academicians, scientists, researchers and inventors in order to further encourage them to continue with their initiatives to improve the lives of Filipinos through various applications of science and technology.”

At the same event, Philippine senators also adopted a separate resolution commending Dr. Gay Jane Perez for being the first Filipino to win the 2018 Asian-US Science Prize for Women. Perez is part of the 2019 edition of Asian Scientist 100; she was recognized for her research using satellite data to improve agriculture for precision farming.


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