7 Must-Read Stories In March 2019

Stories about outstanding scientists topped the charts in the month of March, but readers were also curious about feats of engineering and studies about diseases.

AsianScientist (Apr. 3, 2019) – Just in case you missed any of them, here are seven must-read stories published on Asian Scientist Magazine in March 2019.

  1. 2019 Edition Of Asian Scientist 100 Announced

    Each year, Asian Scientist Magazine highlights 100 outstanding thinkers and innovators from Asia who are pushing the envelope with their research.

  2. 26 Fantastic Female Scientists

    These 26 female scientists are all movers and shakers in their chosen fields, from mathematics to materials science.

  3. Asia’s Rising Scientists: Sherry Aw

    Making discoveries on the fly is all in a day’s work for Dr. Sherry Aw, one of three scientists from the Asia-Pacific to be recognized as a L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women In Science International Rising Talent in 2019.

  4. An Invisibility Cloak Based On Kevlar Fibers

    Scientists in China have devised an aerogel that can hide a hot object from infrared detection.

  5. Mushrooms May Reduce Risk Of Cognitive Decline, Scientists Find

    A research group in Singapore has found that seniors who included mushrooms in their diet had a 50 percent lower risk of cognitive impairment.

  6. Zika Virus Endemic In Thailand, Study Shows

    Unlike in South America where the Zika virus disappears two or three years after outbreaks, Zika transmission in Thailand has persisted for at least 16 years.

  7. Taking ECG Rhythm And Ventilation To Heart

    Whether or not a cardiac patient presents with a shockable ECG rhythm affects the type of airway management technique administered, say researchers in Japan.

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