Professor Shuji Saito Receives 2018 Humboldt Research Award

Professor Shuji Saito of Tokyo Institute of Technology received the award for his research in mathematics.

AsianScientist (Mar. 19, 2018) – Mathematics Professor Shuji Saito of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, has been honored with the Humboldt Research Award for his research on higher class field theory, the cohomological Hasse principle and the finiteness of higher Chow group performed by broad cross-sectoral approaches in algebraic geometry and arithmetic geometry.

The German government’s internationally acclaimed Humboldt Research Award is presented by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to renowned overseas researchers who have had and are expected to continue to have a lasting impact in their field. The award is not restricted to any particular academic discipline and allows the recipient to conduct research in Germany on a research topic chosen by the researcher and a collaborating partner at a host institution.

Each year, up to 100 researchers receive the Humboldt Research Award, which is viewed as one of the most prestigious academic awards in Germany.

“At the very special moment of the Humboldt research award ceremony, what came to my mind was a deep gratitude for the immeasurable support I received from my parents, my wife and family, mentors, colleagues and friends,” said Saito.

“There is beauty in mathematical truth, and we mathematicians are all making daily efforts in search of that beautiful truth. I feel so fortunate to be part of this important activity of humankind, and that I could make some contribution, no matter how small,” he added.


Source: Tokyo Institute of Technology.
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