HKU & PolyU Launch Respiratory Virus Research Foundation

The new Respiratory Virus Research Foundation will focus on diagnostics and translational research in the form of new drugs and vaccines.

AsianScientist (Nov. 18, 2015) – The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) have announced a new Respiratory Virus Research Foundation to support respiratory viral infection research and corresponding translational research in Hong Kong. The Foundation was launched on November 12, 2015, supported by donations of $HK24 million (US$3.1 million).

“With the Respiratory Virus Research Foundation, we shall partner with researchers at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to develop our findings into useful, clinical products which aim to provide greater protection to the general population in Hong Kong and beyond,” said Professor Paul Tam Kwong-hang, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of HKU.

The establishment of the Respiratory Virus Research Foundation will further extend basic research and translate the research results into clinically applicable products for local and regional needs. The Foundation will be led by Mr. Antony Leung, Group Chief Executive Officer of Nan Fung Group, Professor Paul Cheung Ying-sheung, HKU Associate Vice President and Director of HKU’s Technology Transfer Office, and Ir. Professor Alexander Wai Ping-kong, Vice President (Research Development) of PolyU, along with the great support of Executive & Trust Committee member of Macau Henry Fok Foundation Dr. Manson Fok, and Trustee of The D. H. Chen Foundation Ms Karen Cheung Tih-loh.

“The collaboration between HKU and PolyU will enable both parties to turn academic findings into pragmatic solutions for addressing healthcare problems promptly through our areas of competence. These include medical diagnostics, biomedical engineering as well as translational research development in new drugs and vaccines,” said Wai.

One of the collaborative projects planned is led by Professor Terence Lau Lok-ting, Director of Innovation and Technology Development and Adjunct Professor at the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology of PolyU. It aims to develop an automated, accurate and cost-effective point-of-care diagnostic system to simultaneously detect over 30 pathogens causing respiratory diseases through collaborative support from Professor KY Yuen and his team at HKU, and an industrial partner.

The teams from the two universities will continue to collaborate, with the supports from the Foundation, and will actively work together with the industry to research and develop products that will help the clinical management of patients with acute respiratory viral infections, from diagnostics, vaccines, vaccine adjuvants, to treatment. It is hoped that this collaboration will help support the translational research initiatives in Hong Kong.


Source: The University of Hong Kong.
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