Prima BioMed Announces Japanese Collaboration

Prima BioMed and Japanese partners NEC and Yamaguchi University are investigating the use of an adjuvant for a potential liver cancer vaccine.

AsianScientist (May 19, 2015) – Prima BioMed Ltd., an immunotherapeutics company headquarted in Australia, will collaborate with NEC Corporation and Yamaguchi University to develop their peptide vaccine IMP321.

The preclinical study, to be conducted at Yamaguchi University and supported by NEC, will investigate the use of antigen presenting cell activator IMP321 as an adjuvant, together with peptide antigens believed to be involved in hepatocellular cancer.

“We are very pleased to be able to assist NEC with this preclinical study.The use of IMP321 as an adjuvant to a vaccine is different to the other combination approaches being used for our planned clinical trials. The opportunity to broaden the application of IMP321 for other uses is exciting,” said Mr. Marc Voigt, CEO of Prima.

This follows an earlier announcement by Prima BioMed on prioritizing its highly prospective LAG-3 based immunotherapy products. The company stated that it would consolidate its clinical trial program of CVac and pursue opportunities to market its cancer vaccine manufacturing infrastructure.


Source: Prima BioMed.
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