POSTECH Signs MoU With Seoul National University Hospital

The partnership between SNUH and POSTECH will facilitate collaborative research in biomedical engineering and healthcare R&D.

AsianScientist (Apr. 30, 2015) – On April 20, 2014, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed by Professor Kim Yongmin, President of Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) and Dr. Oh Byung-Hee, the CEO and President of Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH).

The partnership of these two institutions has attracted much attention as it is the first ever MoU that SNUH, which has an affiliated university of its own, has signed with another university. The MoU is an open innovation initiative to create synergy by combining POSTECH’s research capacity in life sciences and engineering related fields with SNUH’s competence in biomedical science.

SNUH has expressed strong interest in POSTECH’s cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing based biomedical applications, photoacoustic tomography and biomaterials for nanomedicine.

“We believe that this is a win-win opportunity for both. The partnership with SNUH will enrich POSTECH’s clinical research,” commented Professor Park Jong Moon, Executive Director of POSTECH Research and Business Development Foundation.

The MoU is intended to provide institutional support for collaborative, convergent research efforts in biomedical engineering and healthcare R&D. POSTECH and SNUH have agreed upon the development of translational research programs, exchange of publications and research information, access to each other’s research facilities and opening joint seminars and conferences. A steering committee will be set up to accelerate collaborative efforts and explore further cooperation opportunities.


Source: Pohang University of Science and Technology.
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