Peking Hosts American Geophysical Union Delegation

Representatives discussed the possibility of inter-institutional collaborations during the AGU’s first official visit to Peking University.

AsianScientist (Apr. 14, 2015) – A delegation led by Ms. Margaret Leinen, president of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), visited Peking University (PKU) on March 31, 2015. They were received by PKU Vice-President Mr. Wang Jie.

The AGU delegation included executive director and chief executive officer Ms. Christine McEntee, chief operating officer Mr. Frank Krause and international secretary of the board Ms. Sue Webb. PKU professors from the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, the School of Earth and Space Sciences, the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences and the College of Engineering also attended.

Wang said that it was the first official visit of AGU to PKU, which was of profound significance in promoting the scientific research and academic cooperation between the two institutions. Leinen introduced AGU’s current situation, including its members and distribution, magazines and international meetings it has organized.

Mr. Wang said that PKU has significant advantages in the aspects of earth science and environmental science. He also mentioned that strengthening communication and coordination between AGU and PKU is particularly important for the cultivation of scientific literacy of students.

Later, PKU professors introduced the five schools which are closely related to AGU. They also offered a series of proposals to enhance further cooperation in related fields.


Source: Peking University.
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