Eisai Deepens Its Presence In China

Japanese pharmaceutical Eisai has set up both a holding company and a new production facility in Suzhou, China.

AsianScientist (Dec. 8, 2014) – Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai has established a holding company and production facility in China, reflecting their growing interests in the region.

Historically, Eisai has operated its Suzhou Plant for the manufacturing and packaging of solid preparation products for the local market. The new facility is aimed at building up the company’s local manufacturing capability in order to handle increasing demand in China. The move is also expected to promote cost reduction through improving production efficiency in the medium-term.

The new facility was built on an approximately 134,000m2 lot in the Suzhou Industrial Park which was newly purchased by Eisai. It stands two floors above ground with a total floor space of approximately 3,300m2.

Serving as the company’s new base for parenteral manufacturing, the new facility is initially equipped with a production line for Methycobal® injection that has the capacity to manufacture an approximate maximum of 60 million ampoules per year. Furthermore, the company intends to expand the role of the new facility in the future to function as a global supply center of injection products for a wider range of markets including the rest of Asia and Latin America.

Also located in Suzhou, Eisai China Holdings Ltd. is a subsidiary of Eisai Asia Regional Services Pte. Ltd. which is Eisai’s representative subsidiary for Asia located in Singapore.

With the establishment of this new company, Eisai China Holdings Ltd. will integrate the Chinese domestic subsidiaries Eisai China Inc. and Eisai (Suzhou) Trading Co. Ltd., strengthen various functions including accounting, legal and compliance and also create a flexible capital transfer system to respond to capital demands in order to optimize the management of business in China.

The Chinese pharmaceutical market is the second largest in the world after the United States, and is expected to achieve strong double digit growth into the future. Through the establishment of Eisai China Holdings Ltd., Eisai plans to further enhance its pharmaceutical production, sales and supply systems in China.


Source: Eisai.
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