Funding Boost For Australia India Research Institute

The Australia India Institute will receive a US$2.78 million fund injection from the Australian government.

AsianScientist (Sep. 9, 2014) – The Australia India Institute at the University of Melbourne will receive AUD$3 million (~US$2.78 million) from the Australian government, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced during his recent visit to India.

Since its establishment in 2008, the Australia India Institute has served as an important hub for dialogue, research and partnerships between India and Australia. Through its teaching, research, public policy and outreach programs, the Institute aims to be a one-stop centre for information and guidance on the Australia-India trade relationship.

The new funding will be delivered as part of the expansion of the Australian federal government’s educational ties with India, including the extension of the New Colombo Plan to India in 2015, which aims to create a more Asia-aware Australian workforce for the future.

The additional funds will also contribute to the Institute’s establishment of its first node in Indian capital New Delhi in early 2015.

Institute director Professor Amitabh Mattoo said he was deeply grateful for the Prime Minister’s recognition of the Institute’s work and the generous contribution.

“The Australia India relationship is critical in the 21st century, and the Institute will continue to play a role in strengthening the bilateral relationship,” he said.

Professor Sue Elliott, deputy vice-chancellor (international) said the announcement was a fantastic endorsement of the work of the Australian India Institute, which conducts a range of programs aimed at deepening and enriching the relationship between the two countries.

“This funding boost will assist the Institute and the University to continue to enhance relationships and understanding between Australia and India. It is very welcome funding,” she said.


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