CAS President Elected To Royal Society

Dr. Bai Chunli, a nanotechnology pioneer and president of the CAS, has been elected to the Royal Society.

AsianScientist (May 9, 2014) – Dr. Bai Chunli, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), has been elected to the foreign membership of the Royal Society.

Foreign members of the Royal Society are elected for life through a peer review process on the basis of excellence in science. Each year up to ten new foreign members are elected by existing fellows. The Royal Society currently has about 140 foreign members.

Bai, professor of the CAS Key Laboratory of Molecular Nanostructure and Nanotechnology, designed and developed some of China’s earliest technological tools for manipulating single atoms and molecules, and characterizing surfaces and interfaces.

Bai established a methodology for the study of molecular assembly on solid substrate surfaces, such as the imaging of functional molecules on graphite surfaces. In particular, his work on alkane-assisted adsorption and assembly has contributed to field of nanoscience.

Beyond his scientific achievements, Bai is also President of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS). He is the first Chinese to be elected to the position.

Nine other scientists were elected to the foreign membership of the Royal society this year, including Steven Chu, Nobel prize laureate in physics in 1997, and Richard Axel, Nobel prize winner in physiology or medicine (shared with Linda B. Buck) in 2004.

The Royal Society is the national academy of science in the UK. It is a self-governing fellowship of many of the world’s most distinguished scientists drawn from all areas of science, engineering, and medicine.


Source: Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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