Taiwan Vaccine Maker Completes PhIII Trials On H7N9 Influenza Vaccine

Taiwan-based vaccine maker Adimmune Corp says that it has the capacity to produce up to three million units per month of its preliminary H7N9 influenza vaccine.

AsianScientist (Jul. 15, 2013) – Taiwan-based vaccine maker, Adimmune Corporation, has reported a successful Phase III clinical trial on its H7N9 influenza vaccine developed from a World Health Organization (WHO)-approved virus strain.

The Taiwanese company has the capacity to produce three million units of preliminary H7N9 vaccine per month, according to a spokesperson from the company.

Earlier in April, Adimmune Corporation Chairman Steve Chan told a media briefing that the vaccine could be ready by May for clinical trials.

The company aims to finish developing a preliminary vaccine for the H7N9 influenza virus by August using the WHO-approved vaccine strain. The vaccine could be put into mass production by November after clinic trials are completed, but could be manufactured as soon as after August in the event of an outbreak, Adimmune spokesman Peter Pan told The China Post.

Pan added that the quantity of vaccine produced will also depend on how many units of the vaccine the government will need, and how much assistance is provided by the government in developing the vaccine.


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