Bristol-Myers Squibb To Support Hepatitis B, C Research In Asia

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation has awarded three new grants to further research into hepatitis B and C in China and India.

AsianScientist (Feb. 21, 2012) – The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation has awarded three new grants to further research into hepatitis B (HBV) and hepatitis C (HCV) in China and India.

The grants fall under the Delivering Hope™: Awareness, Prevention and Care umbrella program which is committed to reducing hepatitis-related health disparities in Asia.

China and India together have an estimated 123 million people chronically infected with HBV and 59 million people chronically infected with HCV, accounting for almost 50 percent of all HBV and HCV infections worldwide.

The grant recipients, which range in scope from national and regional government health, charitable non-profit and advocacy organizations, were announced at the Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver (APASL) 2012 Conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

Organizations and projects receiving support include:

  • The Chinese Foundation for Hepatitis Prevention and Control (CFHPC), working in partnership with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Shanxi Center for Disease Control in the Shanxi Province.
  • The Shanghai Charity Foundation (China) will create a first of its kind program targeting high risk groups with disease management initiatives for HCV and HBV in Shanghai.
  • The Liver Foundation, West Bengal (India) will establish and maintain an advocacy platform focused on empowerment of hepatitis patients, ensuring knowledge and awareness of their disease, rights and privileges, as well as access to care.

Marking a decade of support, Delivering Hope has invested and initiated 38 program grants across Asia totaling more than US$9.7 million, with 16 grants in mainland China, three in Taiwan, 15 in India, and four in Japan.


Source: Bristol-Myers Squibb.
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