zoonotic disease

How Risk Awareness Can Reduce Wildlife Consumption

Equipping the public with a deeper understanding of disease transmission risks may be key to changing wildlife consumption behaviors.

How Bats Can Carry Viruses Without Getting Sick

Scientists in Singapore have discovered that a subdued immune response may be the reason why bats can harbor deadly viruses without batting an eyelid.

Surprise Split In Population Of Monkey Malaria Parasite

Monkey malaria is on the rise in Malaysia, possibly driven by two divergent strains of the mosquito-borne parasite.

MERS Claims Two Lives In South Korea

The current outbreak has been traced to an unnamed 68 year-old man who returned to Korea from a business trip to the Middle East.

7 Must-Read Stories In November 2014

Monkeys, mice and koala bears, oh my! Check out these cool stories featured in November.

Monkeys Emerge As Malaria Reservoirs In Malaysia

A rare strain of malaria is beginning to take hold in Malaysia, driven by increasing contact between humans and monkeys.

Pets Could Transmit Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Think twice before you kiss your family pet. Scientists say that household pets could be a source of antibiotic resistant bacteria.