Asia’s Rising Scientists: Xue Shifeng

Using frogs and fish as model organisms, Dr. Xue Shifeng is shedding light on some of the most fundamental processes in developmental biology.

The Cells That Enable Zebrafish To Regenerate Bone

Scientists in Japan have identified a group of progenitor cells that are maintained throughout adulthood and are responsible for bone regeneration.

Tracking Dopamine Release In Real-Time

Using refined carbon microelectrodes, researchers were able to monitor the release of dopamine in live and awake zebrafish larva.

3D Printed Parts Toxic To Zebrafish Embryos

Exposure to 3D printed discs caused zebrafish embryos to die within seven days, highlighting the potential toxic impact of 3D printing.

How The Grass Carp Went Vegetarian

The draft genome suggests that differences in the mevalonate pathway and steroid biosynthesis in liver aided the grass carp's transition from a carnivorous to a herbivorous diet.

How To Make Zebrafish Switch Sex

Scientists have found that the number of primordial germ cells regulates the gonadal switch in zebrafish.

Using Zebrafish To Study Human Respiratory Diseases

Scientists have discovered genes in zebrafish which may be synonymous with the genes for developing hair-like structures in the human airway.

Zebrafish Gills Could Explain Human Kidney Function

A study shows how the insights gained from zebrafish research could potentially impact the study of human kidney function.

Zebrafish Help Scientists Understand A Deadly Form Of Liver Cancer

Scientists in Singapore have used a zebrafish model of hepatocellular carcinoma to uncover new information about how this deadly form of liver cancer arises.