young scientists

Asian Scientist Junior Book Series Launched

Children and parents were treated to an educational book reading session and had the opportunity to interact with a real-life scientist.

Wildtype Books Successfully Launches Asian Scientist Junior Book Series

The beautifully illustrated book series on six scientists from Asia was supported by a Kickstarter campaign and donation from City Developments Limited.

Being A Scientist Is Like…

It can be tough explaining to a young person what being a scientist is like. Here are some creative ways to go about it.

Four From Asia Among EMBO Young Investigator 2017 Cohort

The European Molecular Biology Organization has inducted 28 new researchers into its Young Investigators Program, including four based in Asia.

The Grad Student 3-In-1: Scientist, Student, Teacher

Worried about teaching your first class as a graduate student? Here's how to hack it.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Professor Ng Huck Hui

What makes a stem cell a stem cell? Executive Director of the Genome Institute of Singapore Professor Ng Huck Hui takes a technology-driven approach to find out.