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Ensuring Transplant Success With Artificial Blood Vessels

To reduce the risk of a rejected organ transplant, a team from South Korea has built an artificial blood vessel platform that mimics real blood flow and clotting.

Wearable LED Device Helps Mice To Regrow Hair

Researchers in South Korea have developed a flexible, wearable device that speeds up hair growth in mice.

What Happens When Birds Of A Feather Poop Together?

A new study shows that even a small amount of bird poop is enough to produce noticeable changes in the nutrient conditions of the water.

China’s Severe Winter Haze Linked To Melting Of Arctic Sea Ice

Climate change—not pollution—may have been behind China's severe winter haze in 2013.

Heart Mesh Keeps Beats In Sync (VIDEO)

A step up from traditional pacemakers, this mesh wraps around the heart, synchronizing heartbeats by delivering electrical impulses to the entire organ.

Hybrid Solar Cell Maximizes Capture Of The Sun’s Energy

Korean scientists have developed a hybrid solar cell that converts light and heat from the sun into electricity at five times the normal efficiency.

7 Must-Read Stories In August 2015

In our August 2015 roundup, read all about the latest in CRISPR and cell reprogramming, parasitic wasps and how to found a medical school.

A Hope For Hemophilia Patients

For the first time, chromosomal defects responsible for hemophilia have been corrected in patient-specific iPSCs using CRISPR-Cas9 nucleases.

Monitoring The Managers

SMU Assistant Professor Cho Young Jun examines the impact of financial accounting standards on how managers and firms act.

Distinguishing Between Active And Latent TB

A panel of cytokines and chemokines could act as a marker that accurately distinguishes active from latent TB infections.