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Helping Computers ‘See’ Through Darkness And Rain

To advance computer vision, researchers developed neural network algorithms to enhance videos of rainy and night scenes.

How The Rainbow Weevil Produces Its Colors

Researchers have discovered that the structure and volume of chitin in the exoskeleton of rainbow weevils allow the insects to produce a vast spectrum of colors.

‘Find Your Passion’ May Be Terrible Career Advice

Thinking of passion as a fixed thing to be found can limit your growth and make you more likely to give up in the face of difficulties, researchers say.

Please Mind The (Curiosity) Gap

Singapore’s education system produces individuals with excellent technical competency, but curiosity may be needed if a quantum leap is to be made in an innovation economy.

Beetles’ Shiny Shells For Camouflage, Not Display

Contrary to previously held assumptions, the bright colors of the leaf beetle are used for camouflage instead of warning off predators.

Social Skills, Not Vocabulary, Make A Shy Child Likeable

By assessing the language competency and social interactions of 164 preschoolers, researchers in Singapore have demonstrated that social skills rather than vocabulary improve the likeablility of shy children.

The Medaka Fish’s Fear Response: Same Same But Different

The way the medaka fish responds to danger could also give scientists a better understanding of panic disorders and fear in humans.

Should Asian Universities Offer The US-style Liberal Arts Degree?

Asia is starting to embrace the American style liberal arts education, writes Daniel Soo, a third-year student from Yale-NUS, Singapore's first liberal arts college.