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From Wood Waste To Amino Acids

An international research team has pioneered a faster, cheaper and greener way to produce amino acids from plant-based waste.

East Asian Universities Remain Asia’s Most Innovative

Universities in South Korea, Japan and China make up the majority of Reuters' Top 75: Asia’s Most Innovative Universities list.

10 Chinese Scientists Who Are Pushing The Envelope

Here are ten scientists contributing to China’s growing reputation as a global research powerhouse.

Researchers Synthesize Large Diamond-Shaped Silver Nanoclusters

Chinese scientists have synthesized and characterized two previously unknown large silver nanoclusters.

Could A Pill Be Used To Rebuild The Liver? (VIDEO)

Researchers have discovered a small molecule inhibitor that promotes liver tissue regeneration, which may pave the way for medicines that help to rebuild organs.

Super Stretchy Nanowires May Pave The Way For Flexible Electronics

Researchers have developed nanowires that are as strong as they are stretchy, making them ideal for electronic skins.

microRNA-155 Key To Immune System ‘Tango’

Mimicking a key player in how immune cells 'dance' with each other to produce antibodies could help boost immune responses.

Repurposing Glucose Monitors To Detect Other Diseases

With a simple modification involving glucose-producing enzymes, a commercial glucose monitor can be used to detect other conditions such as heart disease.

Source & Evolution Of H7N9 Influenza Virus Traced Through Birds

An international team of researchers has used genetic sequencing to trace the source and evolution of the avian H7N9 influenza virus.

Elderly Chinese Women Fare Worse Than Men In China, Study

The first major report from a massive survey of Chinese adults over the age of 45 reveals that older women are much more likely to be in poor health than men.