x rays

Capturing Curved Objects Through X-rays

A flexible X-ray created by embedding nanocrystals in rubber is paving the way for the ultra-high-resolution imaging of curved objects.

Taking Image Guided Therapy To Greater Heights

The Philips Azurion 7 C20 with FlexArm augments image guided therapy workflows and grants medical teams unprecedented flexibility in hybrid operating rooms.

An Evolutionary Trade-Off For Walking Upright

A research group in Japan has revealed that walking upright has made humans more prone to limb ischemia than mice.

Studying Atomic Structures With Holograms

Using a neutron holography technique, scientists in Japan have obtained clear 3D images of atomic structures.

How Materials Fracture At The Atomic Level

By observing the movement of atoms in a material's surface, researchers now understand how materials fracture under stress.

Blasting Atoms With An X-ray Laser Creates ‘Molecular Black Hole’

X-ray lasers can strip atoms from the inside out, making them steal electrons from neighboring atoms like a black hole devouring matter.

How X-Rays Are Absorbed By Matter

An X-ray beam can ionize matter in just a few hundred femtoseconds, researchers say.

‘Observing’ Black Holes From The Comforts Of Home

Astronomers have found that black holes emit visible light during 'outbursts' of energy, allowing anyone with a home-use telescope to observe them.

10 Medical Devices That Changed The World

Medical devices may sound like a modern invention, but they in fact have helped us manage and treat diseases for centuries. Here are our top ten picks of medical gadgets that play a significant role in our lives, many of them so ubiquitous that we sometimes take them for granted.

Soft Tissue X-Ray Could Help Cystic Fibrosis Patients

A new X-ray system that allows the imaging of soft tissue could be used to non-invasively track the effectiveness of treatments for cystic fibrosis.