wuxi pharmatech inc

WuXi Launches Medical Device Testing Services In China

WuXi PharmaTech Laboratory Testing Division offers services including in vitro cytotoxicity, hemocompatibility and chemical characterization.

Wuxi & TruTags Tag Team On Drug Tracking

Tracking a drug's provenance and origin just got easier, thanks to edible tags jointly tested by WuXi PharmaTech and TruTags Technology.

Chinese Consortium Acquires Ambrx For Undisclosed Sum

The acquisition of Ambrx adds bio-conjugation capabilities to the WuXi PharmaTech-led consortium.

WuXi To Build World’s Largest Mammalian Cell Culture Facility

To be completed in January 2017, the cell culture facility will feature disposable bioreactors.

WuXi PharmaTech Acquires NextCODE For US$65 Million

NextCODE and WuXi's Genome Center will offer comprehensive clinical, research, and diagnostic testing products and services worldwide.

Chinese Researchers Recognized With 2014 WuXi PharmaTech Awards

Aimed at encouraging early-stage innovation and promoting research excellence, the 2014 WuXi PharmaTech Awards were given out on December 7.

WuXi To Offer Foundation’s Genomic Profiling In China

WuXi has been licensed to perform the FoundationOne® assay, providing the best-in-class genomics platform to biopharmaceuticals in China.

WuXi Completes Biosafety Facility In Suzhou

Continuing with its rapid expansion of manufacturing capabilities, WuXi completes a new 38,000 square foot facility in Suzhou.

WuXi Constructs New Facility In Changzhou

Upon completion, the Changzhou facility will triple WuXi's current capacity and employ more than 1,500 employees.

WuXi Begins Construction Of New Facility In Philadelphia

WuXi PharmaTech's intended 45,000 square feet facility will be for the manufacture of cell-based therapeutics.