wuhan university

Discovering Drugs Through Big Data

Wuhan University researchers develop FingerDTA: an algorithm to predict drug-target binding affinities.

Wuhan Study: Coronavirus RNA Found In Air Droplets

A new study from Wuhan presents evidence for viral RNA in the air, but whether this material has the potential to infect was not assessed.

Green Tea Extract Protects Sensitive Teeth

Scientists in China have discovered a way to relieve tooth sensitivity and prevent tooth decay by using a material that contains green tea extract.

Researchers Discover A New Pathway For That Annoying Itch

Scratching below the surface of itch signaling, researchers have discovered a new type of calcium ion channel that transmits multiple types of itch.

Whales Can Only Taste Salt

In whales, the sweet, sour, bitter and umami taste receptors have become pseudogenes, leaving them only with the ability to taste salt.

Velcro Device Captures Circulating Tumor Cells In Blood

A new Velcro-like microfluidic device captures and releases tumor cells circulating in the bloodstream.