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Asian Scientist Magazine’s 2020 Roundup

Stories of scientific breakthroughs were bright spots in a year clouded by pandemic news. Here are Asian Scientist Magazine’s top 10 pieces of 2020.

Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt On Education In A Post-COVID World (VIDEO)

Catch Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt as he discusses how technology can help universities respond to COVID-19 and students prepare for an uncertain future.

Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales On Fake News During The Pandemic (VIDEO)

How can we battle the ‘infodemic’ of misinformation that has spread almost as quickly as the coronavirus itself? Hear from Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia on this webinar.

Dr. Gia Sison On Mental Health During COVID-19 (VIDEO)

How can we cope with COVID-19? In our next Wildtype Expert Opinion webinar, Filipino physician Dr. Gia Sison will tackle COVID-19’s impact on mental health.

Michele Wucker On COVID-19 And Other Gray Rhinos (VIDEO)

Hear what best-selling author Michele Wucker has to say about highly probable, high impact but often ignored threats like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on the next episode of Wildtype Media Expert Opinion.

How To Lift The Lockdown: A Chat With Pandemic Expert Dr. Gabriel Leung (VIDEO)

Check out our next Wildtype Expert Opinion webinar with leading epidemiologist Dr. Gabriel Leung from the University of Hong Kong.

How Singapore’s NCID Is Addressing Questions About SARS-CoV-2 (VIDEO)

Join us on May 13, 2020 to hear from three clinicians on the frontlines of Singapore’s response to COVID-19.

A*STAR’s Chief Scientist On COVID-19 Immunity And Antibody Drugs (VIDEO)

Catch Sir David Lane, A*STAR’s Chief Scientist and leading antibody expert, in our upcoming Wildtype Media Expert Opinion webinar.

Nature’s Editor-in-Chief On Publishing In The COVID-19 Era (VIDEO)

Don’t miss our next Wildtype Media Expert Opinion webinar with Dr. Magdalena Skipper, editor-in-chief of Nature.

Bob Langer On How Science Can Tackle COVID-19 (VIDEO)

Join Wildtype Media Group CEO Dr. Juliana Chan as she chats with biotechnology trailblazer Professor Robert Langer about the role that science plays in the fight against COVID-19.