wildlife conservation

How Risk Awareness Can Reduce Wildlife Consumption

Equipping the public with a deeper understanding of disease transmission risks may be key to changing wildlife consumption behaviors.

Priming The World For Primate Conservation (VIDEO)

As countries modernize, habitat destruction can threaten native primate species. Dr. Andie Ang believes that conservation efforts for primates can be strengthened with the right research.

7 Must-Read Stories In June 2018

Health threats like Nipah virus infection, cancer and Parkinson's disease weighed on the minds of readers in June 2018.

Untangling The Web Of Illegal Wildlife Trade

By analyzing over 370,000 records of wildlife trade between 2004 and 2013, researchers have found that the networks of illegal wildlife trade are more complex than previously understood.

The Whens And Wheres Of Saiga Antelope Re-Population

Researchers recommend re-introducing the dangerously imperiled saiga into areas that were historically part of their territory.

For Wildlife Sanctuaries, A Little Goes A Long Way

Micro-sanctuaries can help animals survive, particularly when located close to human-dominated landscapes.

An Invisible Wildlife Trade Uncovered

The illegal trade of flora of Southeast Asia is larger than previously thought, spurring the call for more attention to be paid to this important form of biodiversity.