weight loss

For Aging Adults, Weight Change May Raise Mortality

Scientists involved in the Singapore Chinese Health Study have found that a weight change of ten percent or more increases the risk of death in middle-aged and elderly Singaporean Chinese.

Can Acupuncture Help You Lose Weight?

A clinical trial involving 72 participants suggests that acupuncture is a safe way to help people lose weight.

Chewing Gum After A Meal Could Help You Manage Your Weight

Chewing food slowly and thoroughly can help burn calories, an effect that can be enhanced by chewing gum after eating.

Stored Fat Fights Against The Body’s Attempts To Lose Weight

Fat cells produce a protein called sLR11 that actively resists efforts to burn fat, scientists say.

High Fat Diets Desensitize Fullness Receptors

Apart from sensing hot chili peppers, the receptor TRPV1 is also involved in detecting a full stomach, researchers say.

The Secrets of Traditional Asian Beauty

We take a look at ancient natural beauty remedies that Asian women have been using for centuries.

A Protein That Boosts Brown Fat

Targeting such proteins that convert white fat into brown fat could one day help people lose weight without exercise.

Where Did The Fat Go?

Fat burned during weight loss is breathed out as carbon dioxide and water, but breathing more won't help you lose weight.

Slow & Steady Does Not Win Weight Loss Race

Even gradually lost weight is eventually regained after three years, suggesting that obesity guidelines should be revised.