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Simulations and edge computing could help to tame some of the complexities of cities and make them more livable places for all, says Charles Catlett, director of the Urban Center for Computation and Data at the University of Chicago.

Planetary-Scale Cloud Streaks Spotted On Venus

An infrared camera and supercomputer simulations have revealed planet-spanning cloud streaks over the surface of Venus.

K Computer Accurately Models Aerosol Effects

Using the K computer, scientists in Japan have accurately modelled the impact of aerosols on cloud formation.

Why Some El Niño Events Are Harder To Predict

Current climate prediction models have systematic biases that skew their ability to predict central Pacific El Niño events, researchers say.

Local Winds Brought Radioactive Materials From Fukushima To Tokyo

Nocturnal local winds carried radioactive material from Fukushima to Tokyo following the 2011 Fukushimia Daiichi nuclear accident.

10 Awesome Reasons To Love Supercomputers

From their sheer scale to the multitude of things they can do, there are many reasons to love supercomputers. Here are just ten of them!

Confirmation Of Tropospheric Hotspot Supports Global Warming

A new and improved dataset has confirmed the trophospheric hotspot, adding to the growing evidence of global warming.

K Computer Runs Largest Simulation Of Global Weather

Using the K computer, scientists have performed the largest ensemble simulation of global weather to date, involving 10,240 parallel simulations.