wearable technology

Making Vital Signs Monitoring Accessible And Affordable

Technological advancements can make non-invasive vital signs monitoring available for everyone, removing the inconvenience of traditional monitoring methods.

Putting Health In The Hands Of Patients

Recent technological advancements make it possible for healthcare to start at home, removing the inconvenience and worry surrounding traditional methods.

In Touch With Tech Trends

Exciting innovation in robotics, health and sustainability lie on the horizon for Singapore’s technology landscape.
wearable devices, depression risk

Watching Out For Depression Risk

Scientists from Singapore have developed a machine learning program to predict depression risk based on vital signs tracked by wearables.

Creating New Technologies For Tomorrow’s Care

Experts at TechInnovation 2021 discussed the role of medical professionals and the patient journey in a post-pandemic world.

Taking Charge With Wearables

As wearable health technology continues to advance, consumers are set to have more control over their health monitoring than ever before.

Nuts & Bolts—Health Assessment On The Go For Seniors

Three new innovations in wearable health-tech will increase accessibility to advanced health assessment for the elderly.

The Wearables Wicking Sweat Away

Sweat, begone! Using a new technique, researchers are creating porous membranes for wearable biosensors that rapidly remove water on the skin.

Nuts & Bolts—More Than Just Skin Deep

New and improved technologies for the beauty, healthcare and wearable tech industries.

Nuts And Bolts—Empowering Sensors To Reach Their Full Potential

Bendable and transparent, flexible sensors could bring electronics into the multibillion-dollar medical device and athleisure industries.